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The Association of Industrial Lawyers, or briefly TLY, acts as a liaison and discussion forum for lawyers working in Finnish companies, with the aim of bringing together corporate lawyers from different fields to discuss experiences and best practices.

The Association of Industrial Lawyers was established in 1955 to be a network for lawyers  working in the manufacturing industry. Today, TLY can be joined by in-house lawyers from all industries, and is the largest association of in-house lawyers in Finland.

TLY is governed by a nine-member board, which is elected once a year at its annual meeting. The Industrial Lawyers Association is not a labour union.


Anyone who has a Master’s or equivalent degree in law and is employed by a company or by an organisation related to a company in Finland can become a member. At least one year must have passed after the graduation before the membership application can be accepted. You can apply for membership by filling out the application form at this website. The Association has approximately 500 members. The annual membership fee at the moment amounts to € 60.

OUR Activities

We organize seminars and other events. Often, seminars include an introduction by a visiting speaker or a panel discussion on a topical topic. Seminars always have time for free-form discussion.

In addition, we organize webinars, afterwork events, and typically a seminar trip of a few days in early June. Our seminar trip takes place alternately to Finland or abroad. On our trip, we will get acquainted with the business environment of the destination and its business conditions, for example, by making visits to companies and meeting interesting industry players.

Our association is a member of the European Company Lawyers Association (ECLA). ECLA organizes international events in which our members can also participate. ECLA has its own website, which you can find here.

We strive to continuously develop TLY’s activities, and we are always happy to receive suggestions and feedback in order to better serve our members. Contact information for the Chairman can be found on the Board page (in Finnish). You can also write us feedback using the membership form (in Finnish).

Welcome to TLY’s activities!

The association has approximately 500 members!

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